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This project began to whisk in my head the moment I personally reached that age closer to the hormonal changes due to menopause than to those of puberty! I began to understand that both my body and my mind now have new needs to stay healthy.

The body. The body changes continuously based on its physiology and based on the external stimuli it receives. And at different ages, to achieve the desired results, the type of exercise performed must be chosen on the basis of the specificity of that evolutionary moment.

How many times do I hear women say "At 20 I could eat everything I wanted, now I put on weight just looking at sweets" or "I just put on weight around my waist area", or "I find it harder and harder to do everything".


What I find in many “over 40” women is them having undergoing gradual changes without being aware of what is actually happening and without knowing how to act.

You know what the most decisive aspect that opened my eyes has been?

Seeing a gradual decrease in self-esteem and confidence in many women. I was the first to find myself sometimes trapped in thoughts, questions and fears related to my body and the quality of my future life and this also made me decide to take the reins in hand.

What does it really mean to take care of yourself? The Self is one's own person, with unique needs and desires. It includes the body and includes the emotional part and the mind. The term self-care is often minimized, but ultimately it means only one thing: respect yourself, giving yourself value.


It seems too often that women, after reaching a more mature age, experience a sort of "loss of control" over themselves and their reality due to physiological and physical changes they don't really know about.

​Denial often becomes a big friend for women over their 40s.

They feel they are losing control over themselves, over the way people will see them and over their "female" identity.

They think they are losing control over their health, because something bad will happen sooner or later.

They think "what physical activity should I do now, I am no longer 20 years old". And that's it.


Do any of you in this?

What I felt from my heart is the desire to really focus on a specific action and education program for us, women over 40:  because we are all wonderfully beautiful, inside and out and we must never stop seeing it ... And above all we must not stop wanting it.

After the threshold of 40, "self-care"  becomes incredibly important and makes the difference.




Physical aging process is natural and brings the body and mind to great changes.

But how we live this process is something you can choose and it really makes a difference!

We can decide, at 20 as at 40 as at 70, what quality of life we want to have and maintain. Over this we have 100% power, and all the rights to exercise it.

I read a sentence lately that has struck me a lot: "Whether you think you can do it or not, you will still be right".

That's right: our beliefs and thoughts count and literally shape our actions and the consequences of them.

If we believe we "can't do it", we won't do it.

If you think "it's useless workout at my age, I've never done it before", or "I don't need it anyway", or "I don't have time to do it", then you won't do it, nothing will improve. Simply.

Choose to feel good and healthy.

You have all the rights and all the possibilities.

Studio Beyond40 is a choice: for women who know how much they are worth or want to rediscover it. For women who take care of themselves or have decided to start doing it. For women who want to have a strong and feminine body whatever their age. For women who want to know the changes they are going through and want to understand their potential. For women who choose to love themselves at any age.

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